Welcome to 1212 Photography!
My name is Kay, and I am located in Sacramento, California.
My interest in photography started in childhood after my father gave me a 110 film camera. It later became a hobby after I was gifted a 35mm SLR camera during my high school years. However, I didn't become serious about photography until my first photoshoot experience with models (a group of three male bodybuilders) at a meetup in 2014. As a result, not only did I fall in love with photographing models, particularly male models, but found a particular interest in photographing the intense physiques of bodybuilders.
During my free time, I love to capture special moments of my beloved cats and the beauty of nature. I also am a volunteer photographer with a local cat rescue organization.
Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or would like to schedule a photoshoot.
Thank you,
Thank you!
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